GOsa² SchoolManager Plugin

GOsa² is a combination of system-administrator and end-user web interface, designed to handle LDAP based setups.

The GOsa² SchoolManager Plugin is an extension that has been especially designed for user and group management at schools.

In our experience, schools have several special needs uncommon to
other IT setups, e.g.:

  • many users come and go every year
  • group memberships may change every half year
  • each student comes with parents that are also involved in
  • school IT (e.g., home page login)

With GOsa² School Manager you can mass create user accounts for teachers, students and parents via importing two (large) CSV files.

From the CSV file, various information gets extracted:

  • Personal data (name, date of birth, unique ID as stored in the school administration software)
  • Teachers: class teacher, taught subjects, taught courses
  • Students: each student normally comes with one or two parents that also may need accounts in LDAP
  • Students and teachers are grouped by classes and courses
  • Students and their parents are bound together via parent groups
  • Mail addresses of teachers, students and parents.

From the set of information stored, various LDAP client applications can be fed with:

  • e-Learning system (classes and courses are already stored in LDAP)
  • e-Mail system with mailing lists
  • group based collaboration on the file system level
  • etc.

You can obtain the source code from Github:

The GOsa² SchoolManager Plugin is shipped with Debian GNU/Linux, the package name is gosa-plugin-schoolmanager.