Skolab Groupware

The Skolab Groupware is the continuation of the Kolab Groupware when it was at version level 2.

As our own company mail server used to run on Kolab v2, we at some point decided to continue supporting the code base and since then publish it as the Skolab Groupware.

We don't and do recommend the Skolab Groupware for new installation, but on the other hand we really have a heart for it and it serves our purposes well.

The Skolab Groupware comes with the following components:

We recommend the Skolab Groupware esp. for sites that still run on Kolab v2 on an unsupported operating system version.

The Skolab Groupware is available via Debian and is continually adapted to recent demands of up-to-date Linux distribution.

The Skolab Groupware is packaged for Debian/GNU Linux and available through Debian package repositories.